Other Facilities

Music Room

Offers classical & western instrument, learning environment and the constant guidance of music teacher.

Medical Infirmary

Offers quick first-aid treatment to the personals suffering from any incident and desies.

Activity Room

Here learness show different approach about different activities. It gives immense pleasure to see the creativity of young learners.


For refreshment and other beverages one can move in the cafeteria of school where we ensure cleanliness hygiene along with nutritional of value food items.

Sports Ground

School owns proudly two sports ground along with basket ball, football, Volleyball and judo. Here the reason lies in why we have been considered a tough competitor around the nation.

Jr Wing NCC(for 100 Boys & Girls)

Every year ensuring the excellence and discipline in the lives of over 100 young lives is not possible without the faculty of NCC here we make our ways almost every time to RDC (Republic Day Camp).

Staff Rooms

AC equipped staff rooms provide cool and clam environment to the teachers to do work after classes.

Teachers Resource Centre

TRC offers computers equipped with internet connectivity where teachers can tap opportunity for better learning for their performance.

Chowkidar Qtr/ Guard Room

Ours is the tradition to value our people. Guard Room is enabled with hi-tech facilities like PNT walky-talky and CCTV that reduce the pressure of their important tasks.

CCTV Surveillance Network

Maintaining security and monitoring the entire school at a glance has become more comfortable because of a 24 large CCTV surveillance network. Its monthly data backup make the work easier to review the security system.